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Looking for improvements on your sheet cutting lists?

Here you´ll discover how to save material, manage your production and save time using a software tool to automatically generate cutting lists.

The Cutting List

A cutting list simply contains measurements, materials and quantities of the parts that will be produced. Drawings of each part or even sketches of the whole sheet with all parts positioned over it are some of the other common ways to represent a cutting list. Either way, the main goal is to guide the cuttings on the sheet or plate to separate parts for production.

Cutting List

None of the options above entirely fulfill today professional needs. They are very unproductive, error-prone and lead to bad material usage.

The ideal solution for an efficient cutting list is a software that can perform nesting and optimization of the parts in an automatic, quick and simple way and at the same time with an optimal material usage.

9 comments on “Cutting List Software – Otimize Nesting

  1. Hi

    First of all i want to congratulate you for the work. It’s simple and brilliant, save me for a load of work. I also want to apologize for my english in advance.

    I have a sugestion, not so much for the aplicattion but for the export feature. Would you consider to had personalization options, like company logo, or process nr it would be awesome for me…

    Another sugestion was to put types of material as options, like steel, glass, wood etc.


    Best of luck and keep the good work.

    • Hello Carlos,

      Thank you for the message. It is great to hear that Otimize Nesting is helping you.

      We are planning to add some new features to Otimize Nesting soon. One of them is to improve how do you export the nesting plans (file formats) and what information they contain.

      In order to prioritize the release of these new features, we have created a feature voting forum that you can suggest new ideas of vote for the ones you think are interesting. Please visit and tell us what you think.

      Thank you!

      Igor Kondrasovas

  2. I would like to know more about your project and where your going with it. I can’t find any contact details on your site though.

    • Hello James,

      Thank you for your message.

      We have added a new contact page on

      Regarding your question, what we can say is that Otimize Nesting is designed to be a software solution to make your sheet production planning tasks more effective and integrated. At this stage, the software is completely FREE of charge and during this time we would like to hear what could be improved or what features do you think are missing.

      Hopefully in the next months, we will provide additional versions with more features that our customers are suggesting, include the ones in our feature voting form at

  3. I have two questions concerning your software. First, is there a charge for using it after the 30 day introductory period? Second, does the feature designed to optimise the use of sheets allow for blade thickness, i.e. the thing strip of material which is lost each time a cut is made?

    • Hello Rory,

      Thank you for the interest!

      These are really good questions.

      You can use Otimize Nesting during the trial period without any costs. You will be using the “Plus” plan features and we will NOT ask any billing information.

      After the trial period, your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to use the product unless you subscribe to one of our plans. Only at this moment you will be charged. If you don’t like the product you don’t have to do anything. There’re no hiding charges or fees. You don’t have to worry about that!

      Regarding you second question, the answer is yes! You can specify how much material you loose when a cut is made and Otimize Nesting will consider this when creating the cutting list.

      I strongly recommend that you create your trial subscription and test the product. You can do that at the following address:

      If you have any queries or concerns, please let me know.

      Thank you,


  4. Hello Walter,

    Thank you for the feedback message.

    We would like to understand more about what we could do to improve our product and make it worth for you. Could you please be more specific?

    Thank you,


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