Nesting Software


Create optimal cutting layouts to reduce
fabrication time, produce faster quotes and
minimize waste.​

Monthly subscriptions

True shape and rectangular optimization

Automatic nesting

Otimize Nesting is a practical an efficient system to help you save time
and get more parts on less sheets.


Online Software


Download the application for the best performance and use the internet to access all your information in any place.



Export cutting diagrams to use in your CAM software or directly to g-code.



Reports containing cutting diagrams, machining time, material efficiency, remnants, weight and costs.

True Shape Optimization


Automatically finds the best cutting layout for your DXF files, considering the real part geometry.

Faster Quotes


Configure once and calculate automatically materials and operations costs to produce fast quotes and estimates.

Import Cutting Lists


Import rectangular part lists created in other software and ERP systems.

No Maintenance


No need to configure backup, servers, licensing, etc. Updates are installed automtically

Great Support


Email, chat, articles and video to assist you in having the best experience.

Label Tracking


Use labels to identify, track and assist on fabrication and assembly.





Create cutting layouts from rectangular parts or CAD files.
Save nesting results in reports or DXF files to be used by CAM and CNC software.




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