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  • Igor Kondrasovas

Sheet metal estimator

When we launched our nesting program, the main goal was to create optimal cutting layouts to assist machining and 2D cutting.

Although this is still true, we heard several customers telling us how they are using Otimize Nesting as a sheet metal estimator.

Suppliers and distributors

For sheet metal suppliers and distributors, a nesting program can be use to create quotes with the exact number of sheets. In other words, you can assist your customer showing how each sheet must be cut and prove there is not need to worry about ordering more or less material.


If you are a fabricator and rely on contractors for plasma, laser or water jet cutting services, you can know in advance how many sheets you must provide to the contractor to make sure all parts will be produced.

Nesting Program as a Sales Tool

We understand nesting program should not be used only on the shop. The sales and purchasing departments must create optimal cutting diagrams to create fast and precise estimating. When the sale is closed, a document already exists with the order details.


More than the number of sheets and cutting diagrams, you can use a nesting program to automatically calculate other important information, like the number of cuttings, cutting length, finishing, etc.

We created an article showing how you can automatically estimate sheet metal cutting using Otimize Nesting.

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