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How to Generate Nesting Machine Code?

By default, Otimize Nesting does not generate CNC machine code. This operation is known as Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). And to be done in the right way, it requires a specific knowledge of the CNC command type your cutter have.

The heart of Otimize Nesting is to solve a complex production planning problem, on how to make the best use of the raw material to produce the parts you need, with less waste.

When it comes to manufacturing, we are consistently adding more features towards this direction, but exporting G-Code tool path information is something Otimize Nesting does not support.

Exporting Nested Sheets to DXF

We understand how important this is, so we do have a feature that exports the nested boards to a .DXF file.

You are going to have one DXF file per nested sheet, so you can use these files in your preferred CAM software with the correct post-processor for it.

To use it, after you completed a nesting, go to the "Reports" tab and select "CAD Files (.DXF). Then you select a folder where your files will be saved.

Nesting Export Options
Nesting Export Options

We also pay attention to the fact most CNC commands only supports arcs and lines, so if you use SPLINES to draw your parts, thew will be converted by Otimize Nesting when importing these files in the first place.

Then you can set up properly machine speeds, cutting tools, piercing, lead-in and lead-out, sequencing etc.

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