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Nesting Cutting Diagram

If you are a furniture maker, carpenter, glazier, sheet metal worker, machine maker or drywall installer then you regularly cut pieces from veneer, MDF, OSB, metal, drywall sheets or any kind of panel.

Before cutting, you must figure out how to cut all required pieces from standard-sized sheets with minimal waste of material.

Can you imagine having a smart software that can easily find out how to cut all necessary pieces in a matter of seconds?

Otimize Nesting solves this problem. You will dramatically improve your productivity and get more projects done than ever before. In addition you´ll save a lot of expensive material and hence your money.

A nesting cutting diagram is the most common output format present in nesting software. Usually it contains:

  • Sheet or panel dimensions (width and length);

  • Location of every nested piece over the sheet with its size and coding, useful for easy handling and localization after the cutting;

  • Sheet position of every cut that must be performed on the table saw, guillotine, cutting machine or even manually;

  • Location of re-usable offcuts or eventual scrap;

All the information can displayed on the Otimize Nesting screen or may be printed out and given to the person who will be in charge of the cutting operation. There is no need to waste time thinking how to save material. It all about following what is on the cutting plans.

If you have CNC or automated cutting machines, you can transmit all cutting diagram information directly to your equipment and the whole operation can be automated, maximizing your productivity.

The following picture shows a cutting diagram example:

Cutting Diagram

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