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  • Igor Kondrasovas

8 Benefits of Nesting Software

Valuable material is walking out the door with the scrap man every day. That is your profit leaving. Nesting software are useful to improve material usage. But you still can get more benefits from it. This article gives you five big benefits of nesting program.

In a short definition, nesting software software helps you improve material efficiency. It helps to produce optimal cutting layouts for boards and panels of materials like metal, plywood, glass, fabric, acrylic, leather and many other.

Here are five benefits of using nesting software:

1 - Material Efficiency

You probably already heard about reducing, reusing and recycling. While recycling and reusing address items already produced, waste prevention goes one step further in reducing overall disposal. Less waste is less overhead to manage later.

2 - Programming Time

No matter if you have a full automated cutter or a table saw, planning is critical for reducing the time to produce all your project parts. Get nesting and machine programming done in minutes, not hours. Create better nests in form of a cut list diagram or machine code. There will be no need to guess what parts need to be cut first or what is the best cutting sequence.

3 - Mobility

With a cloud-based nesting program, you will be able to create, store and retrieve all your cutting lists from any computer connected to the internet. No more loosen spreadsheets or documents around your desk or somewhere else. An old quotation may turn out into a production order to the shop floor in minutes!

4 - Increase Throughput

Fabricate more parts in less time. Your CNC machine (oxy-fuel, laser, plasma, etc.) can be more productive with automatic nesting software. It is common to double part production throughput after nesting software becomes a reality in the shop floor.

5 - Logistics Improvement

If you stop wasting boards and sheets, you will have to buy less, transport less, stock less and consequently dispose less. All these tasks consume your time and cost money. At the end of the day, someone (you or a contractor) will have to do this job.

6 - Accurate and Fast Quotations

Perform quotations is usually a tedious and time consuming activity. But it should not be. It is great to have a potential sale. The problem is to be precise and do not make mistakes when calculating material and labor. The final price is based on these factors and there is no place for mistakes.

A nesting program give you the benefit of automating material calculation. It can also helps you to calculate labor costs. The quantity of cut operations will give a precise notion about the labor time necessary to cut everything.

Greatly reduce setup time, material handling time and unloading time.

7 - Quality Control

Reduce damaged, incorrect and lost parts. Be sure to fabricate the correct quantity of parts. Any mistakes the floor will drain cash.

8 - Improved Cash Flow
Our customers get at least 100% return in the first year. Reduce monthly expenses and create extra cash flow by save more on raw materials than you're spending on a software subscription.
Free Trial
You can run Otimize Nesting with your parts, your materials and compare the costs of savings our nesting software with your current solution. Contact us now.

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